Gravenhurst Muskoka OFSC Overpass & The Problem with Volunteers & OFSC | Snowmovlog EP02



We take another snowmobile trip to Muskoka and travel from Port Sydney Ultramar to Gravenhurst OFSC Overpass that rusty old bridge that crosses hwy highway 11 just before gull lake narrows. We also cross the Floating Snowmobile Bridge in Bracebridge. During my Snowmovlog we come upon a mismarked trail sign and a sign that reads "if you have time to complain, you have time to volunteer". This sparked a rant that I had pertaining to the problems with lack of volunteers and the OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs) #muskokasnowmobiling#snowmobiling#snowmovlog#snowmobile#snowmobilingvideo#OFSC#rant#gravenhurst#muskoka Subscribe: Join our Patreon Community: Donate (Buy us a round): ---- We love hearing from you guys. Send us a note at the address below :) Want us to try out a product? Send it here. If it works well you may even see it featured in a video. Mudbrats ADV Gary Porter Box 558 Ayr ON, N0B 1E0 Canada

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