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Marvel has come a long way since its first-ever comic printed way back in 1939. Through the years so many incredible comics and characters were created that has left a wave of fans world-wide. With a super-hero for everyone, we all love Marvel and every character they have created for us. Here’ to all the artists who used Stan Lee’s beloved characters to create art! Check Out These Amazing Artists: JGCRUZ3D - JUAN CRUZ Instagram: Youtube: Web: Other: Juan Cruz is a 3d Animator, giving life to some polygons TINYMAKESTHINGS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: The tiny key cap artist makes custom key caps for mechanical keyboards JASMINA SUSAK Instagram: Youtube: Web: Jasmina Susak is a Graphite and colored pencil artist. She draws photorealistic movie characters, portraits and animals. Check her creations! DAVID MA Instagram: Web: David Ma is a Filmmaker & Food Artist DART CLAY CREATIONS Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Dart Clay Creations is the pseudonym for a talented computer graphics artist who now sculpts busts, heads, figurines from polymer clay and shares it on his YT channel KYLENUTT Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Kyle Nutt is a professional cameraman with expert phone skills and tricks NEIRO RAQUIN Instagram: Tiktok: Neiro Raquin has a hugely popular Tiktok on which he uses crayola pencils to produce stunning realistic pieces R A CASTING Tiktok: Youtube: A talented artist who makes satisfying metal castings, cleaning, painting and even hydro-dipping Anna Martin Instagram: by Preet279 Web: EMILY THE ENGINEER Instagram: Youtube: Emily is an actual engineer who build Iron Man suits VALERIANO FATICA Instagram: Valeriano Fatica is an italian sculptor, his carvings are famous all over the world LAURYN ASHLEY Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: Ryn Is an expert painter who captures the animation and the vibrant colours surrounding each character Thomas DePetrillo Instagram: PASCAL ULRICH Instagram: Web: He combines his own creations with comic characters from the 1930s and arranges them in detailed patterns. MIYA KATAYAMA Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Miya Katayama is a Japanese carving artist who creates fruits and vegetable sculptures SALAVAT FIDAI Instagram: Salavat Fidai is an Experimental artist and sculptor. Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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