Video interface for All BMW Models

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- BASIC FEATURES - 1. RGB input - For GPS box, NAVITECH Wireless Mirror Link connection, etc... (Connecting 2 RGB products through WSML) 2. REAR VIEW CAMERA input 3. FPG (PAS) (Flexible Parking Guideline) function 4. PDC (Parking Distance Control) function. 5. AV1, AV2 inputs for DVD, DTV etc. (IR calibration, Original Jog control Optional.) 6. VIDEO input for BLACK BOX DVR 7. AV output for Rear Entertainment connection. 8. ORIGINAL TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL & BUTTON MODE SWITCHING 9. PLUG AND PLAY -OPTIONAL- 1. GPS BOX MST-1000 TCC8801 CORTAX A8 - 1Ghz CPU with ADDITIONAL 1.12Ghz MULTIMEDIA CORE / DDR2 512MB 2. GPS BOX MST-3000 800Mhz CPU with DDR2 256MB 3. WIRELESS MIRRORING or GPS MODULE (MST-1000, 3000) BUILT ALL IN ONE RGB SIGNAL CALIBRATION IS PROVIDED UNDER CUSTOMER'S REQUEST FOR YOUR OWN EXTERNAL GPS BOX USE

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