Street Art That Is At Another Level

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This video is full of amazing street art that will surely lock your eyes to the screen! This incredible artists show how fun and spectacular this type of art is. With playfull pieces that make the streets a bit more fun to giant graffiti creations, this clips will show you the inmense talent of this artists. Let us know what you think! Check Out These Amazing Artists: ODEITH Instagram: Facebook: Sérgio dropped out of school when he was 15 with amazing graffiti passion and talent in his pocket. Soon he became internationally famous and specialized in her amazing anamorphosis technique. JC RO Instagram: Youtube: JC is a graffiter with a lot of talent and a unique style. His creations are characterised for their geometrical patterns. INSANE51 Instagram: Facebook: She is a Hoboken based artist who started her journey into fluid arts when a friend brought over her set of alcohol inks for a little “wine and whine” session. Overwhelmed by the calm that the fluid inks created within her, Jamie was an instant addict. DAVID ZINN Instagram: David Zinn is a street artist who uses chalk to bring his fairly tale characters to life. Keep your eyes open because his pieces can be found anywhere, even hidding in museums. ADAM KIYOSHI FUJITA Instagram: Shop: Adam is an urban artist who creates murals, paintings and greffiti. He makes the illusion his pieces are blowing and shinning, by having an amazing control over shadows and colors. TOM BOB Instagram: The best street artist in the double senses. He has imagination for whatever he finds. RAY MEDINA JAÉN Instagram: Ray is the creator behind the amazing giant "calavera" piece made in Mexico for the traditional "dia de muertos." His creativity will surely amaze you, and also the incredible big scale of his work. FANKAPAN Instagram: Mail: This incredible artist creates balloon inspired murals, graffiti and paintings. He creates pieces as big as a building or a normal sized canvas. It is impressive to see the amount of details and effects he achieves, check him out! JOHAN KARLGREN Instagram: This cool artist creates pixel cartoons which have a really crazy life! His pieces can be found around cities hidden in corners or they can be part of a short film done by the artist at home. It is really incredible! VEXX Youtube: Instagram: Tiktok: Vexx is an amazing brand of clothing but also, his creator does incredible murals and custome pieces. His style is full of colors, doodles and cool cartoons. You can find clothing, shoes and accessories all made by the artist. DAN KITCHENER Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: Facebook: Shop: Dan is an incredible urban artist who does murals, paintings and digital paintings. His art speaks for itself with amazing emotions and details. If you want more of his amazing pieces check out his YouTube and Instagram, there he publishes his recent works. Check him out! Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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