These Artists Are The Masters of WATERCOLOR

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Lets be honest, who doesn't go crazy with watercolor? Well we surely do! Just watching how they paint is simply addicting! Get some inspiration in our beginners guide on watercolor. ( Check Out These Amazing Artists: CAROL Instagram: Carol is a lettering and watercolor artist who likes to try out new techniques and materials. Her social media is full of new inventions and hidden gems that will make your creativity easier. DEARANNART Instagram: Youtube: Other: Anna is a watercolor artist and teacher. She creates amazing floral patterns and likes to mix reality with fantasy. Check her cute creations! NODZOMI TERU Instagram: Nodzomi is an amazing watercolor artist. She creates the most beautiful paintings of landscapes with deep colors and emotions. MARITE DESAINE Instagram: Web: Marite is a watercolor artist whose delicacy and accuracy can perceived in every single one of her pieces. She draws all kind of things. From animals, to flowers, cartoons, fruits, fantastic creatures and portraits. Each one of them different and special in its way. BIANCA ROSEN Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Website: Bianca does tutorials on how to create amazing pieces. She uses mainly watercolors but also tries new materials! MONICA SCHICK Instagram: Facebook: Monica lives in Switzerland with her family. She started to paint at a early age and trough her life he experimented with all types of techniques. Watercolor is now her speciality. TRACIE KIERNAN Web: Tracie is a watercolor artist with his own step-by-step tutorial website. Check it out if you want to learn her techniques! ELISA Instagram: Web: Mail: Elisa is a painter who finds all inspiration in nature and its beauty. Her paintings are full of incredibly detailed flowers and forests! BROOKE ROTHSHANK Instagram: Shop: Mail: Web: This miniature artist has the dexterity of a surgeon. Her tiny paintings are full of details. JULIE KWAK Instagram: YouTube: Julie is an artist who creates beautiful plants and flowers. Her creations are full of details and incredible colors. PHIL MALTZ Instagram: Youtube: Shop: Phil is a self-taught sketcher who paints London houses since 2018. His collections goes from big houses outside the city to flower shops that cover the corners. ADEM POTAS Instagram: Adem paintings are unique! he uses watercolor to create the most dramatic landscape paintings. KATYA AZEEVA Instagram: YouTube: Workshops: Web: For more than three years she has been studying watercolor on her own. This has become a matter of her life, because now not a single day passes without a brush. She gives master classes, draws paintings to order, and also shares her works on Instagram and YouTube, where she teaches people how to draw. JOLA SOPEK Instagram: Mail: Web: Jola is an illustrator based in Brighton. Her watercolour drawings are really satisfying to watch and the result is extremely realistic! NINA HIDALGO Instagram: Email: Nina is an artist who does miniature paintings and also modern calligraphy, check her out! Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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