The Promise Quiche



A quiche made with only 3 eggs per pie. And a Promise even picky eaters will go for it. But maybe don't tell them right off what it is - pre-eating-food-knowledge has a strong psychological effect on those with no palette. This recipe is my own personal concoction. I came up with it back in 2003 and have been making it for years since. I have been asked so many times how I do it - and I've finally had my glory with it and decided to share how to prepare this wonderful dish. It's impossible to mess up if you follow the directions (that's not the promise though) - and it will absolutely turn your mouth on with joy (that's the promise). I really hope you try it out. And leave a comment if you alter the recipe and come up with a different outcome.

Published by: Atomkey Sinclair
Published at: 4 years ago
Category: چگونه