13 Best Hi-Tech Gear for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Here are the top 13 most high tech and greatest gear that you will need for the zombie apocalypse from satellite phones to lifestraw Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. Bionic Ears Amplifiers There’s always something just a little bit creepy about silence, especially when there could be zombies walking around in the forest. With some bionic ears it can give you an advantage when trying to stay undetected. This is used by bird lovers, sports fans at games, private investigators but even zombie preppers. Ones that cost about 200 dollars can amplify sounds from over 300 feet away or about the size of a football field. Especially if you plan on camping out in the woods to survive, you can point the microphone in the direction you’re planning on going and it will pick up the noise of grunting zombies. 5. Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggles Night vision goggles are used for tourism, hunting and sports games for civilian purposes; allowing them to be available for purchase. For the military their used for patrolling and special operations. Thermal goggles would be useful as well but it’s difficult to say how much heat zombies will give off considering, they could be dead! So it’s best just to stick with night vision unless you got the money to buy both. In situations when flashlights might give off too much attention, hi-tech night vision goggles will give you an edge at night. You might be able to find a pair for about 200 bucks online, but high quality one’s like you in this photo of the Pulsar edge will ensure high edge to edge resolution to allow clear definition. 4. Tactical Helmets Zombies are really going to have trouble eating your brain if you’re wearing a solid quality helmet. Not just anyone will do. You’re going to have to protect your cranium if you want to make it past the apocalypse. Not just any helmet will do, however. You should probably cover your face as well, since they’ll be going for this part of the body. Something like this eye tactical helmet with a face and mask drape should do the trick, unless they find some way to take it. Possibly something like a motorcycle helmet might work but this one has it all. Plus things might get a little messy when you're being attacked by swarms of the undead. You can’t afford to get zombie blood in your eyes. The goggles will protect your eyes as well. Tactical face covering helmets could soon be the new standard for the military. Maybe they know something about the apocalypse? Also consider finding one that might have a gas mask or microphone as well in order to communicate with your zombie hunting squad. 3. The Lifestraw Finding a clean water supply is going to be a challenge so it’s important to have plenty in stock, but what happens after you’ve completely depleted your own personal supply? The lifestick is a hi-tech, water purifier that could really save your life! This award winning straw has been used by millions of people all over the world and should definitely be in your survival kit! This will remove a minimum of 99.99999 of waterborne bacteria! So you should be feel safe using one, even in toilet water! It can also filter out iodine, chlorine, and other chemicals that are unsafe to drink! The lifestraw can filter up to 265 gallons of water each. 2. WT4 Tactical Crossbow We already discussed in our best weapons for the zombie apocalypse video how crossbows will make excellent weapons, but let’s take a closer look on how a hi-tech one would be much more efficient. Zombies can be drawn to sound, which really makes you want to think twice about using a firearm. So why need to when you have this bad boy to work with. It’s equipped with a laser sight, scope, foldable stock and a tactical flashlight to give you a quality shot. It shoots featherless arrows as well as 8mm ball bearing with precise accuracy with virtually no noise. It just needs to be cocked after each shot. This will run you about 350 dollars on ebay! Get your credit cards ready folks! 1.Power Pot Need a cooking pot and a place to charge your satellite phone all in one item! You got it right here with the power pot! While heating up the meal of your choice.this device will generate enough electricity to charge your satellite phone and it even has a usb port. This portable thermoelectric generator needs to be in your zombie apocalypse kit if you want to stay alive.

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