FIX IDM Error Creating Security Connection (2021)

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Learn to FIX IDM/Internet Download Manager Error Creating Security Connection 100% Working Downloads failing - "Error creating security connection" for some websites Hello, I've got a laptop in which I recently had to refresh Windows 10. I use a program called Internet Download Manager to capture videos and news programs from the net. Since the refresh, IDM is unable to capture video from some sites, but not others which used to work before. I contacted IDM and after troubleshooting, their support has told me that this is a firewall issue. It's not the software itself, because on other sites captures download without incident. My other machines which have windows 10 installed are all using IDM successfully. I've searched and searched, and I can't find any suggestions on what to do to fix this. I thought it might be Windows Defender. I switched it off, problem persists. I changed my antivirus to Avira, tried to find a firewall setting that would fix this, no luck as yet. I'm posting this as a last resort before I have to go for the undesirable step of a complete wipe/reinstall of Windows 8.1 pro. For Reference :

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