TransEuropa II Road Transports in Europe 1960 1970 1980

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Exactly one Year after the edition of the successful volume TRANSORIENT, we are proud to present you the new publication TRANSEUROPA EDITION II Did you ever play in a sandbox with trucks or peered trough the gap in the fence on construction sites, where mighty tippers would dump a load of gravel? Did you look in awe at the impressive trucks that drove past you with their grumbling engines? Or did you sit by the TV and follow with enthusiasm and wanderlust the adventures of the heroes of Die Fernfahrer, Spedition Marcus or Auf Achse? Or have you yourself been on the road? At least when you take a look at the pictures in this book, you will discover Lorries on long-distance journeys, from three decades ago, where your memories will blossom once again. Over 750 hi storical, most unpublished pictures on 284 pages from, the 60s, 70s and the 80s of the past century as well as stories from those days. TRANSEUROPA II relives a past epoch, in which the men of the highways were carrying their loads without navigation systems into remote countries. The United Europe was just in the beginning of developing and therefore for each country their were different rules that led to unmistakable, national peculiarities in the transport industry. Is it the Millepiedi of the Italians, those partly strange cabs of the Frenchmen or the futuristically seeming powder-silos from Scandinavia? You will discover in this book vehicles from ten nations of Europe where you can plunge into the good old days. That will never come back however together we can relive the past.

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