A Farewell, for Now

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My last message to you guys before I head off to seminary. Kind of rambling, but you've come to expect that, haven't you? :) Sufjan Stevens' "Seven Swans": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99TCWaHmWKc "He will take you If you run He will chase you He will take you If you run He will chase you Because he is the Lord" My writing on this topic: http://bombadillo.net/?p=360 "I am far of course from denying that every article of the Christian Creed, whether as held by Catholics or by Protestants, is beset with intellectual difficulties; and it is simple fact, that, for myself, I cannot answer those difficulties. Many persons are very sensitive {239} of the difficulties of Religion; I am as sensitive of them as any one; but I have never been able to see a connexion between apprehending those difficulties, however keenly, and multiplying them to any extent, and on the other hand doubting the doctrines to which they are attached. Ten thousand difficulties do not make one doubt, as I understand the subject; difficulty and doubt are incommensurate. There of course may be difficulties in the evidence; but I am speaking of difficulties intrinsic to the doctrines themselves, or to their relations with each other. A man may be annoyed that he cannot work out a mathematical problem, of which the answer is or is not given to him, without doubting that it admits of an answer, or that a certain particular answer is the true one. Of all points of faith, the being of a God is, to my own apprehension, encompassed with most difficulty, and yet borne in upon our minds with most power." --John Henry Newman, http://www.newmanreader.org/works/apologia65/chapter5.html "It is not as a child that I believe and confess Jesus Christ. My hosanna is born of a furnace of doubt." --Fyodor Dostoevsky [Note that this sounds like Purgatory.] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Father_Malachy's_Miracle

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