Messed Up Pixar Secrets That Actually Make Sense

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Disney And Pixar Have Many Movie Moments You Didn't Notice Subscribe to our channel: Have you ever watched a Disney Pixar movie and thought, “what is my Toy Story doing in my Monsters Inc.?” Well, those of us at The Binger know that feeling. It isn’t your imagination: there are plenty of secrets and hidden crossovers scattered throughout the films. It’s our job to explain how The Incredibles and Ratatouille are undeniably linked. This isn’t just about your average easter egg either. Most fans are aware of the Pizza Planet truck appearing in multiple Pixar movies. Don’t get us started on A113… we all know that phrase refers to the animation class many Pixar artists come from. Everyone covers A113, and we wanted to offer something that hasn’t been done to death. This video will dive deeper into the animation lore, revealing the possible motives for why the easter eggs exist. So prepare yourself as we enter the world of Pixar’s messed up secrets!

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