Naruto Online | Team "F2P" ~ The Ultra Rares

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How you like this F2P team.. I think its pretty affordable for all players. *sarcasm ends* This team was a scare tactic in arena and some people requested the most expensive team together so I assembled this and it does bring some nice synergy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Channel Related ♥My Discord: ♥Support The Channel: ♥Become a Channel Member: ♥Twitch Channel: ♥Twitter: ♥Facebook Page: ♥Steam Profile: ♥MyAnimeList: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naruto Online ⛛Naruto Online Battle Power Rankings: ⛛Konoha Proxy Combo Simulator: ⛛Zenith Arena Tips(By OppaiPazuri): ⛛New Characters Info(By OppaiPazuri): ⛛Ninja Breakthroughs(By OppaiPazuri): ⛛Summon Mystery Translations(By OppaiPazuri): ⛛Tencent Combo Simulator: ⛛Tencent Ninja List: You can find more helpful information by joining my discord and looking in the text channel for the specific game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games That I Play ★Naruto Online★ - NYS59 Kaizer ★Bleach Online★ - US317 Kaizer ★Unlimited Ninja★ - US194 Kaizer I am ONLY on these servers, if you don't see my server here it means that is not me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Information ♕My Setup: ♫Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: #Kaizer #NarutoOnline #UltraRares

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