I HATE English! Surprising plurals and singulars 😕

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Plurals in English have an ‘s’ at the end of the word, right? Not always! You are going to be surprised at all the words that are plurals that don’t have an ‘s’. For example, “people”, “teeth”, “children”, “men” and “women” are always plural. On the other hand, many words look like they might be plurals but are not. For example, “everybody”, “everyone”, and “nobody” are singular. In this grammar lesson, I will cover all these words and more, and you will have a better understanding of which words in English are plural and which words are singular. We will also talk about uncountable nouns, which are words that cannot be counted with numbers even though there may be many of them. Take the quiz on this lesson at https://www.engvid.com/surprising-plurals-and-singulars/

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