The Amazing Country - INDIA

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The Amazing Country - INDIA!!! Welcome To the Amazing Country! It is a series where takes you on a Journey of the most beautiful places on the earth! India is the second largest country by Population and seventh largest by areas. India is a beautiful country. Rupee is the currency of India. There are 29 state in India and every state have their own cultures and art. The famous state of India are- Andhara Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai, Pubjib, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu. Beautiful place in India. Most beautiful place in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa. The Indian people are friendly and helpful. In general the people of India are hard worker then other south Asian Countries. Cricket is the most famous game in India, Indian is known as Cricket Crazy Nation. Subscribe here- Thank you for watching! The Amazing Country - INDIA

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