C&C Generals Zero Hour Enhanced - Skirmish with Superweapons

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Zero Hour Enhanced for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour looks much better than in this video. Fixes to avoid technical errors are here, also be sure that your PC is strong enough to handle this mod because it demands a strong CPU and GPU because of the new effects. Enhanced Your Battlefield Visual With the variety of advanced techniques and efforts, your battlefield is now implemented with modern-like bloom & SSAO effects, C&C3; lightrays style and depth of field and also ambient reflective waters. The environmental objects have been added and updated so to be said, grass, bushes, trees, rocks, water waves and wild animals. The mod is also featured with some higher resolution textures such as terrains, rocks, decal effects, etc. Embraced A More Realistic Weaponry In contrast of the vanilla game, this mod allows you to have a chance of avoiding bullets, missiles and one-shot garrison kills. Furthermore, you can block your nemesis's path by destroying their or your own vehicles or aircraft, creating a destructible hulks and debris just as in THQ's Company of Heroes or you could destroy the bridges which are the paths of the enemy or set trees on fire as your enemy burn to oblivious death. Tanks are now implanted with self-defense machine guns, making them more suitable for front line engagements, artilleries are now more deadly and fearsome from afar while infantries are used in a role of strike force. Expanded Your Army And Arsenal Just like a typical mod for this game, this mod adds a variety of new things to each faction. Such, the famous Abram Tanks for the main NATO force, the furious wind of the east empire, Storms and Typhoons for the PLA forces and the infamous Katyusha for the GLA. But, that's not the main concept of this mod. This mod is to bring you a "enhanced" feeling of the game, not adding tons of unit to it. Each addition has a purpose and reason. Also, an unplayable faction has been altered to be playable, the "Boss" general aka Leang of the PLA forces. Escalated A New Front This mod will be featured with a brand new campaign based on a fictional story after the event of Zero Hour and also new challenge modes for those who hungered for more eradication and escalation which will all be remake from the original ones. Not only campaigns and challenges, this mod will also have new maps and mini-game maps such Stonewall, Blitzkrieg, Assassination, etc. (Noted that this is only a future plan and isn't yet in a procedure of production.) To make the mod working you must do following things: - Toggle OFF the bloom effect, it's responsible for the technical crashes it seems so. - Change your options file like here http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/12319-how-to-play-generals-zero-hour-in-windows-7-x64/ - https://cdn.fbsbx.com/hphotos-xap1/v/t59.2708-21/11738263_831674676928634_141194163_n.ini/GameLOD.ini?oh=761056358caeb8b7391f331024693dc7&oe=55AC1277&dl=1 place this in DATA/Ini folder Also the balance in this mod aims to be "realistic" - so your tank can be destroyed in two or few more shots from anti tank cannon or missile, it can be either an Overlord or Scorpion tank and machine guns do nothing against heavily armored targets. But the biggest problem is with dozer production, it takes a lot of time to produce the first one and start the game for real. ModDB page - http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-generals-zero-hour-enhanced

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