CnC Untitled 3.7 - Skirmish with Lasers [C&C Generals Zero Hour]

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C&C Untitled 3.7 is in my opinion one of the best looking mods for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour. The AI in this version doesn't seem to be 100% done, thus the Brutal AI might be easier to fight than the Hard. Also, not on all of the maps AI is ready, keep it in mind. Effects in this mod are astonishing, all of the units (vehicles, infantry and air units) have got at last completely new textures, but most of them are completely new models. With buildings it's not the same, a lot of them use same textures but it's not really important. The most important thing about this mod is it's a really cool mod to play with tons of new units together with buildings, upgrades and general powers. General Powers and upgrades have been slightly changed - all upgrades for vehicles have been moved to buildings like Strategy Centers or Propaganda Centers and other buildings solely for upgrades. Unfortunately you can't play missions or Generals challenge but Skirmish with all the factions and generals is enough for now :) Pinpoint Townes and his arsenal in C&C Untitled are your "glass cannons". His units are relatively fragile when unupgraged, but they deal lots of damage. Laser General lacks some fast area of effect weapons, that's his biggest drawback. Same goes for his anti-tank weaponry, it's not great but it's quite ok during the fight. But his biggest advantage is the fact, his units can intercept incoming missiles and are great against air threats. Also most of his units have insane range, while their dmg is not great, the range is great. But that was unlucky in this game because I've received 3 GLAs from random pool, so no need for AA weaponry. ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°). Facebook - ModDB -

Published by: Martinoz
Published at: ۲ years ago