GTA V Trailer vs. GTA Roblox Trailer (Comparison) Re-Uploaded - **SPEED UP TO 1.25x**

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GO TO SETTINGS AND INCREASE THE SPEED TO 1.25x to play it at normal speed. **Originally Uploaded on November 9, 2013, and re-uploaded due to copyright reason.** Old Description: This is the comparison video of the GTA Roblox trailer I made vs. the GTA V trailer. Hello everyone, happy GTA 5 Friday! I know it has been awhile since I've have uploaded some of my work and since GTA 5 came out but I wanted to show you guys what I have been cooking. Enjoy! New Description: Need Help In Making Games In Roblox? This Video Can Help You! Subscribe!: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Sign Up To Trello with: Official Johan Roblox Shirt!:

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Published at: ۲ years ago
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