Messed Up Pixar Moments That Went Over Viewers' Heads

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Disney And Pixar Are Darker Than You Noticed... Subscribe to our channel: For there to be happy moments in Pixar there needs to be dark moments. It’s the balance every story strikes to help the viewer feel a full range of emotions. The Binger knows that it’s hard to feel those darker moments when they come over you. Normally, they feel like tropes tossed in there to add tension or conflict. However, a lot of these scenes are darker once you dig past the surface level. Their relation to the real world empathy of the viewer isn’t always apparent at first. Scenes that make us recall childhood memories or approach some of our greatest anxieties are disguised by happy characters and bright animation. Pixar loves giving deeper meanings to their films and requiring the person to dig deeper on those themes. We’re here to go in on some of those gloomy scenes in Pixar movies that we don’t notice enough. Get ready for all the feels in the latest from The Binger!

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