mechanical clock operation principle and mechanism

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► Welcome to the channel KING MECHANICAL ► mechanical clock operation principle and mechanism ► A mainspring, which stores mechanical energy to power the watch. ►A gear train, called the wheel train, which has the dual function of transmitting the force of the mainspring to the balance wheel and adding up the swings of the balance wheel to get units of seconds, minutes, and hours. A separate part of the gear train, called the keyless work, allows the user to wind the mainspring and enables the hands to be moved to set the time. ►A balance wheel, which oscillates back and forth. Each swing of the balance wheel takes precisely the same amount of time. This is the timekeeping element in the watch. ►An escapement mechanism, which has the dual function of keeping the balance wheel vibrating by giving it a push with each swing, and allowing the watch's gears to advance or 'escape' by a set amount with each swing. The periodic stopping of the gear train by the escapement makes the 'ticking' sound of the mechanical watch. ►An indicating dial, usually a traditional clock face with rotating hands, to display the time in human-readable form. ► A lot of mechanical mechanisms or are waiting for you to discover ► follow~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ► facebook: ► twitter: ► subscribe: ► Instagram: ►►►Thank you for watching do not forget like and share!►►►

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