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WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CAKES! WE HAVE FOUND SOME OF THE MOST WACKY AN OUTRAGEOUS CAKES AROUND, FROM SOME BIG NAMES IN THE INDUSTRY. WATCH AS THESE IDEAS WHICH WILL SEND YOU RUNNING STRAIGHT TO THE KITCHEN TO TRY. Check Out These Amazing Artists: AMY Instagram: Amy is a ballet director and dancer who fell in love with bakery. She is self-taught and her cake decoration ideas will make you fall in love! SAEED.KANAN Instagram: This iranian chef is capable of doing whatever shape he wants in a cake: shoes, cameras, pillows, roses... everything you can imagine he can make it into a cake. Enjoy it! SALVATORE MARTONE Instagram: Renowned for his exquisite and visually striking pastry creations, he is the Corporate Executive Pastry Chef for all of Chef Joël Robuchon’s restaurants in the US, among many of his other accolades and talents. NICOLAS NIKOLAKOPOULOS N2 Instagram: Nicolas is a pastry chef and chemist who mixes his two passions into one. His creations come in different shapes and sizes, he even has a clock inspired dessert! RYANWILSONBAKES Instagram: Ryan is a 16 year old cake artist who will easily surprise you with his creations. From monster cupcakes to easter cakes he has it all figured out. ROMAIN FOURNEL Instagram: He started out as a pastry chef at 16 then after a few years moved to Vegas to show off his talents. He is currently at the JW Marriott Nashville, where he is the Executive Pastry Chef. SEPTEMBER’S CAKES Instagram: Do cake cones sound great? September doesn't put ice-cream inside the cone, she put a little cute cake inside the cone, looks fantastic!!!! She has an anti-traditional creation combine with her cake. EMILY Instagram: Also known as britishgirlbakes she has a very popular YouTube and Instagram channel, on which she gives tutorials on how to make amazing cakes. RAJ Instagram: Raj Bhandal is a popular online figure, who makes amazing buttercream cakes from central England KATHERINE DEY Instagram: Deviant Desserts is a dessert shop and it's owned by Katherine Dey, a registered nurse turned pastry chef. They make original cakes and chocolates. Most of her cake style are related to the part of body. HADI ZAMANI Instagram: Hadi is a cake and pastry designer from Iran. He recreates flowers, bears and much more check it out! ZOES FANCY CAKES Youtube: Zoe is a cake decorator who creates amazing tutorials for her followers on how to achieve the perfect birthday cake, fondant modelling and chocolate ganache. SANA SODAWALA Instagram: She loves experimenting with creative new cakes, quirky biscuit designs, and everything in between. Her wonderful Mama Sugarbase is her funky assistant SUGAR & SPARROW Instagram: There motto is "helping you whip up pretty desserts with confidence and creativity, hopefully sharing a few laughs with you along the way!" . RENAT AGZAMOV Instagram: Renat is a cake and pastry designer who has no limit when it comes to creating the biggests and wildest cakes. He does incredible architectural designs! CYN'S DELECTABLE DSSERTS Tumblr: Cyn is an amazing cake artist who creates delicious and beautiful cakes. Her decorations include basically any theme you can think about! KATHERINE WALTON Instagram: Web: Kat creates theme cakes and decorations. She masters techniques with different utensils and leads you into making amazing cakes! SUSANNE NG Instagram: The idea of applying patterns to chiffon cakes came to one day when she was bored she created the Sakura Matcha cake, followed by Christmas cake pops. GELATIN ART MARKET Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: Is it jelly? Is it cake? This is a perfect combination of both, born to create the most jiggly cakes with a unique style that will amaze you. ТОРТЫ ЕКАТЕРИНБУРГ Instagram: strong_cakes creates epic desserts from all natural products to make sure they are as healthy as possible without losing any of their quality. Submit your art video at:

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