Apple Banana Baby Food for 6Month Old & above | Homemade Apple Banana baby porridge for 6m to 10m

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Apple Banana baby food fortified with rice is perfect food for 6, 7 and 8 month old babies. This homemade baby food is very healthy and fresh too. Just cook peeled apple with rice and add Banana to it before serving. You can store this baby food in freezer for serving later. You can always add banana to apple rice porridge just before serving A 6 month old baby needs about 2 ounces or 60grams of solid food in 1 serving. You can give 2 such servings in a day. To provide diverse nutrition, you can give a different food as a 2nd serving. Please visit our channel for more baby food ideas! ***Ingredients*** Apple - 1medium Banana - 1/2 Rice - 2 Tablespoon Water -1Cup Here are our most popular baby food videos and Playlists! Please watch, like and share them! Baby Cereals/Cerelac: Baby Fruit/Vegetable Purees for 6m baby: 6Month Baby Foods /Chart Diet Charts & Meal Plans Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel by clicking this link: #fusionCooking, #AppleBananaBabyFoodFor6MonthOld, #HomemadeAppleBananaBabyPorridge, #appleBanana, #BabyFoodIdeas, #BabyFoods, #BabyPurees, #LunchIdeasForBabies, #BabyCerealWithRiceAndApple, #KidsDinnerIdeas, #6MonthsBabyFood, #7MonthsBabyFood, #babyApplePuree, #healthyBabyFoodFor6MonthOlds Follow us on Social Media. Links are below: Gmail: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: apple banana porridge for 6 month old baby, apple banana baby food for 6 month old, apple banana rice porridge, apple banana, baby food recipes for 6 month old baby, baby banana porridge, baby apple puree, baby rice porridge, apple banana rice porridge for 6 months old, 6 months baby food, 7 months baby food, 8 months baby food, baby food for 9 month old, baby first foods, baby foods indian style, baby purees, healthy baby food for 6 month olds, home made baby purees, home made baby food for 6 month old, homemade he'althy food for babies, healthy baby food from scratch, baby fruit purees, baby rice cereal, baby food with rice banana and apple. Music by HookSounds: Disclaimer: We are not endorsing any product, person or entity in our channel. All the products, gadgets and other equipment used are owned by us and does not represent any brand or business.

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