Shahre Zanan | شهر زنان (City of Women)



مطابق وصیت خان جان، باغ و عمارت وی در آب اسک که به صورت مشاع بین دو طایفه، کشتگر، و اشوان وقف شده، تا زمانی که فرزندان دو خانواده با هم وصلت کنند در تصرف این دو طایفه خواهد بود و در غیر این صورت، حق تصرف ملک از خانواده کشتگر ساقط و به خانواده شوان منتقل میشود. مهتا، دختر میرزاحسن کشتگر، که به تازگی در آزمون ورودی دانشکده پزشکی قبول شده، همه اهالی روستا را شاد میکند به جز ملوس خانم زن عمویش، که پسرش برزو چند سال دیگر باید در انتظار پایان تحصیل مهتا برای ازدواج با او بماند. Centering upon a community of women who have divided themselves from men, 'City Of Women' explores themes of female strength and individual freedom. In an attempt to end the feud between the Keshtgar and Shavan families, Khan Jan decrees that unless the children of the two families marry, the Keshtgars will be forbidden from using the family garden at Ab Ask and the Shavans will retain control of the properties. When the daughter of the Keshtgars, Mahtab, gets accepted into university, she takes it upon herself to fight this ridiculous law and unite the families by other means. Compelling drama from Ataollah Hayati about the complications brought about by the separation of the sexes. Essential viewing. Synopsis by Welcome to the official IMVBox Youtube Channel. IMVBox is an online distribution platform established in September 2013 to support Iranian cinema. It offers both classic Iranian films and the latest titles out of Tehran. At present IMVBox holds exclusive rights for over 1,600 titles and films are being added to the collection gradually. Besides its extensive collection of documentaries, and short and feature films, IMVBox also provides its visitors with up-to-date and in-depth information on Iranian actors, filmmakers, producers and screenwriters. IMVBox's profile was heightened over the summer of 2014, when it won appraisal from the Iranian film industry. In early May the Iranian Students News Agency carried a piece that described IMVBox's work in combating online piracy. Sharing the love for #iraniancinema Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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