Real Miniature FOOD & 15 Other Cool Things

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Watching artists work can be super satisfying and relaxing. In this new episode of Quantastic sit back and take a break while watching these satisfying art pieces. What do you think about satisfying art? What would you like to watch next? Leave your answer in the comments below. Check Out These Amazing Artists: WENDYMINICITY Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: MINI KITCHEN Instagram: Tiktok: 四平食雕無极团长 Kuaishou ID: yzw888888 IGOR_GELLERT Instagram: Tiktok: Web: FINESPUN CAKES Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: Sugar Flower Artists Community: Other: Courses: SCURUCHI Instagram: Youtube: JORDAN SPRIGG Instagram: Shop: MICHAEL MURPHY PERCEPTUAL ART Instagram: SHAY AARON Instagram: THE MICRO BAKERY Flickr: 不可思议的Yuki酱 Douyin ID: yukijiang MINI KITCHEN Instagram: Tiktok: 克克的艺术生活 Kuaishou ID: ouke8888 張帆 Douyin ID: 15856712386. FREAKINGTINY Tumblr: PETITE CREATION Web: PETITPLAT Instagram: TATSUYA TANAKA Instagram: Web: Facebook: Twitter: LETMEINTRODUCEMYSELF21 Tumblr: MATT MCCARTHY Instagram: 沙雕の王立杰 Kuaishou ID: JAY-STUDIO PAPERBOYO Instagram: Facebook: Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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