Eleven Man Blitz 2.0

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Version 2.0 contains updated blitzes of Tamir, Abu'l, Majd, Jubair, Maria, Robert and Al Mualim. Replaced original music ("Blitzkrieg Bop") for copyright reasons. Blitz assassinations of all the main targets. The concept of this style is to assassinate as quickly as possible, while remaining Anonymous before the kill on certain targets: Tamir, Garnier de Naplouse, Abu'l Nuqoud, Majd Addin, William de Montferrat, Jubair Al Hakim and Sibrand. It's generally advantageous to work from the cutscene as you can position yourself for a head start. If you die and reload, the game places you in a neutral default position. All assassinations in this video are from the cutscene except Garnier, Maria and Al Mualim. The white flashes you see were generated by the game. No visual effects were added in editing apart from the opening fade in from black. Below are the assassination times represented in this video. Tamir: 1.03 secs Garnier: 7.33 secs Talal: 27.04 secs Abu'l: 12.07 secs Majd: 10.57 secs William: 18.93 secs Jubair: 23.1 secs Sibrand: 27.43 secs Maria: 1.63 secs Robert: 0.63 secs Al Mualim: 2.46 secs Big thanks to IanXO4 for designing some of these blitzes and collaborating on the others. He maintains the index of world records here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAYt4TmBSEQ

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