OTK vs Hamsters & Hares | Week 3 Day 1 | AWC SL Circuit

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► Find all the match VODs for this circuit here: http://blizz.ly/SLCircuitWeek3 Blast Wave Bros vs Reload Esports Week 3 Day 1 | AWC SL Circuit ► Follow WoW Esports on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/WoWEsports ► Subscribe for more WoW Esports: https://blizz.ly/Subscribe ► Schedule: https://worldofwarcraft.com/esports/schedule ► Compete in Future Cups! http://blizz.ly/signup2021 ► Want more info? Full Blog post: http://blizz.ly/AWC2021ViewersGuide ► NRosters: OTK : Mes, Cdew, Samiyam, Trill Hamsters & Hares : Zach, Vellido, Floormat, Roastyz #WoWEsports​ #AWC2021​ #ArenaWorldChampionship​ #WorldofWarcraft​ #Shadowlands

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Published at: 2 months ago
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