Kuch, A Trending Destination for Ecotourists & Cultural Adventurers

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Want to be on the cutting edge of an exquisite destination of ecotourism in 2020? don't explore more, Join The "kuch tour" in Iran & Nothing can explain it better than the above video made by @Vincentkronental; You can book the same tour, online: https://nomad.tours/tour/migration-with-nomads/ Nomadic tourism is not only limited to Mongolia & Morocco anymore! Iran has the biggest nomadic population in the world, thanks to the new developments in Iranian tourism, nomadic tourism would be one of the trending hot destinations for cultural adventurers in the near future. “I had a dream to visit mighty Mt. Zagros. But I had no idea we still have ‘Nomads’ behind those majestic unspoiled ranges. Around two years ago, I made my dream happen. When I reached there, I was totally mesmerized by the out-of-this-world landscape and truly surreal experience of visiting the most authentic people I have ever met: the ‘indigenous people of Iran’. Still, I can remember quite clearly all the emotions I felt when first got to know about these unique people. To me, what they were doing was like an Odyssey, ‘a long journey with a lot of adventures and difficulties’, moving with their families & herds of livestock in Zagros valleys between their summer & winter pastures. It was also an adventurous, spiritual odyssey for me; an epiphanic trip in which I got to know more about myself and my life. How? Let’s read about the very epitome of Nomadic life: KUCH. Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/irannomadtours/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IranNomadTours/ Our website is: https://www.nomad.tours Thanks to Vincent who made this amazing video from Kuch. you can follow him on Instagram: @vincentkronental_photography or in Facebook: @vincentKronentalPhotography or in Youtube: @Vincentkronental Kuch: Nomads’ Transhumance nomadic transhumance, or simply migration (Lori: “kooch” or “kuch”) is an epic experience in which the nomads surrender their fate to the great Zagros mountains twice a year to accomplish their most important goal of their lives: seasonal migration. In this epic, ten-thousand-year-old hard-labor pilgrimage, nomads move between the pastures with their livestock while carrying all of their belongings. They do kuch either in summer to reach high valleys of Zagros, or in winter, to lower valleys where the weather is warmer. Then, for a few months, they temporarily settle, before it is time to undertake the journey once again. Kuch Tour: An Odyssey Where We Belong After the unique experience of kuch with the nomads, we got to connect and know more about our roots. So, we came up with the idea of ‘Nomad Odyssey’ (Kuch Tour) in which we, in a small group, join the nomads in their seasonal migration while they are trekking the ancient nomadic trails in the Mt. Zagros. see the detailed itineraries here: https://nomad.tours/booklet/ Who Can Make the Most of ‘Kuch Tour’? As one of the most exciting destinations in Iran, ‘kuch tour’ and living with the Iran nomads are highly recommended to these people: • Nature-lovers who wish to discover the true meaning of pristine nature of Iran. By joining the nomads behind the Zagros mountains, deep in the heart of nature, one can see the sublime beauty of Iran’s landscape. • Anthropologists who wish to live, know and listen to Iran indigenous tribes. The unique culture of these people can be a great source of inspiration for those who like to know more about humankind. • Adventure-seekers & Mountain-climbers who love the mighty, snow-covered mountain peaks. Zagros is without a doubt one of our greatest mountains; a land of contradictions where one can experience both the rugged mountain ranges. Standing on the summits, you can see what the sun is touching. • Environmentalists who have environmental concerns, and wish to do something for the Earth. Those who know how important it is to preserve cultural diversity in various communities. • Photographers & Video-makers who seek to capture special, novel moments and sceneries; a kind of a beauty you would only expect to see in postcards. • Families who would like their children to experience the nomads’ authentic life, rather than just reading about them in books. In kuch, children have the chance of living with them and appreciating its magic. The more they see, the more they want to discover. • Wellness Destination Seekers like to spend some time relaxing putting some time focusing on their mental health. • Slow Travelers who wish to keep themselves open to new experiences. • Voluntary Workers who are looking for a chance to try their skills in a completely different environment. Those who are more concerned about the cultural aspect of the nomadic life and wish to help these people survive. • And all who like to challenge themselves to see their potentials. To read the full article and to view more details use this link: https://nomad.tours/nomads/12705/kuch-a-trending-destination/

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