RUSSIAN OVERKILL 2.5 + Holy Hell - The Apocalypse Has Begun!

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RUSSIAN OVERKILL 2.5 with HOLY HELL WAD, one of the most known Slaughterwads designed with thousands of monsters for Doom. Mod - Russian Overkill 2.5 / WAD - Holy Hell / Music - Red Alert 3 & Mike Norvak Reduked / Addons - Bolognese Gore Mod, CrosshairHP, LevelInfo. Russian Overkill is the same type of mod like Guncaster, it's also from the same author some expect being extremely overpowered against monsters. Though, it's balanced in the way of giving your enemies more health on higher difficulty levels, imagine Cybedemons with over 50000 health. But do not forget that most weapons in Russian Overkill are simply WMDs that do not need any aiming, lots of them have extreme AoE or autolock on enemies. Lots of these weapons are comical in use, imagine using four quad shotguns in one moment (firing 16 shells at once) with enormous kickback and recoil. You also have the Gattling Cannon that shoots rockets... but these rockets act also as small weapons that fire the chaingun bullets at enemies. There are also a lot of energetic weapons that simply eradicate Cyberdemons and fire sonic waves at enemies, you can vaporize hundreds of pinkies using it. Under slot 8 you just have the WMDs - all the weapons in this slot have huge AoE and damage, you can even call an Ion Cannon strike at enemies. As for the items, one of them will catch your eye almost instantly - this is the Warpocalypse Tank, incredibly overpowered Superheavy Tank. It has autocannon, fires missiles at demons with high speed and damage, uses its twin heavy anti-tank cannons and launches a NUKE WARHEAD. To make things even funnier, Warpocalypse cannot be destroyed by any means, there is simply no possibility to damage it :o Russian Overkill - Holy Hell - Mike Norvak's Reduked - CrosshairHP, LevelInfo - Bolognese -

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