Vuforia Chalk: Communicate in Real-Time with Remote Assistance



To learn more visit: Give your team the ability to communicate in real-time with the power of remote assistance and the use of advanced augmented reality. With Vuforia Chalk you can power your organization’s experts to: - Draw accurate digital annotations that anchor to physical objects - Communicate complex or unfamiliar challenges to others - Share expert guidance anywhere without incurring cost of travel See how Vuforia Chalk directly contributes to improved quality and efficiency throughout design, manufacturing, training, sales, and service enabling a quick solution for guided, real-time communication. PTC's Technical Specialists, Anthony Garner and Paul Dye, shows us how you can easily communicate in real-time with remote assistance. Some of our favorite moments: 0:30 Who is EAC? 2:50 Intro to Vuforia Suite 3:24 What is Vuforia Chalk? 4:00 Vuforia Chalk capabilities 5:20 Demonstration of Vuforia Chalk 10:20 Value of remote assistance with Chalk

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