Using Moodle 3: A Comprehensive Tutorial for Teachers

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An easy to follow step-by-step faculty tutorial outlining most aspects of how to effectively use Moodle as a teacher. Learn Moodle in an easy way: Concepts based. Easy to understand. Try it now. You will not be disappointed and also spread the word. For more info. visit If you like the video, please "Like," "Favorite," and "Share" it with our friends to show your support on this work. Subscribe to this channel so that you do not miss out on the new videos on this series. If you need an excellent theme for your Moodle installation, check out the RemUI theme here: Link The tutorial is designed primarily for teachers and covers most aspects of the learning management system from beginner to advanced. This tutorial covers the following major areas. Timelines will be posted shortly: Getting started with a course in Moodle from scratch. Posting the course syllabus in Moodle Posting lectures and files for the students in a course in Moodle Posting a link to a YouTube video in Moodle Hiding and Showing Resources in the course in Moodle Configuring the course gradebook in Moodle Creating Assignments in Moodle Grading assigments in Moodle Crating and using forums in Moodle Configuring and using quizzes in Moodle Configuring custom grading scales in Moodle Configuring and using lessons in Moodle Contacting the students in a course in Moodle Configuring and using live chat in a course in Moodle Using BigBlueButton in Moodle Configuring Attendance in Moodle Taking attendance in a course in Moodle Configuring and using groups in Moodle Configuring and using rubrics in Moodle Using the feedback module in Moodle Backing up grades in Moodle Enrolling students manually in the course in Moodle Importing a course in Moodle. If you want to take get a deeper understanding of Microsoft Office applications, take a look at Copyright notice: These videos may not be downloaded or distributed in any way without permission from Sali Kaceli. Contact me if you have such a need.

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