Star Wars: Most Powerful Lightsabers Ranked

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Star Wars Greatest Lightsabers Ranked Subscribe to our channel: There are a lot of awesome things about the Star Wars universe. The series has spaceships, cool cantina confrontations, and cool sci-fi sidekicks. What’s undeniably the best part of the whole franchise is the lightsaber. People have been obsessed with it since Luke Skywalker first ignited his father’s saber back in the 1977 original. Since then, the folks behind the galaxy far far away have been busy giving us a variety of awesome lightsabers. The prequels introduced double-bladed lightsabers, the cartoons introduced spinning lightsabers, and the sequel trilogy introduced cross-guarded sabers. While these sabers are amazing, sometimes the classics are still the best. Luke Skywalker himself has several that are iconic without having to be innovative. We’ve seen so many great lightsabers, but which one is the best? Let’s count down the top ten lightsabers until we know which is number one. Here are the greatest lightsabers from Star Wars ranked.

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