The Rise and Fall of Command & Conquer [REDUX] | Documentary

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Please consider supporting us on Patreon: What is this Redux and why did we make it? First off, I'd like to thank Plokite_Wolf and Cypher for helping us revise and rectify some of the errors and expanding on the information of our first script. After having published our first 'version' of the video, it was brought to our attention that some of the information provided was either incorrect or needed to be elaborated on. I regret the fact that this has happened, as fans of the series we wanted to make a franchise analysis that takes the viewer through the highs and lows of the series as well as tell the stories of the developers at EALA and Westwood in detail. Making a documentary-style video about Command & Conquer has, personally, been one of my long-time goals but I didn't feel that it was fully achieved in our first video. The story of Command & Conquer is very nuanced and the Redux, or Revision or V2 (whatever you like to call it) seeks to tell this more accurately, with 10+ minutes of additional information I feel like this is a much more interesting video for fans of the series. Sorry to those of you who were waiting on a new video, our regular content schedule will resume now and I hope to have a new (exciting) video online next week! :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Among games that have defined the Real-Time Strategy genre, Command & Conquer is seen as one of the most influential titles. The C&C franchise, along with Warcraft and Starcraft, shaped the identity of RTS games during the '90s and would influence the designs of countless similar strategy titles in later years. Even though the franchise ended with a whimper instead of a bang, it managed to create an indelible impact on the history of videogames. Join us as we take a look at the rise and fall of Command & Conquer. #gvmers #commandandconquer #ea Script revision by Plokite_Wolf Additional revision by Cypher Narrated by Steve Petitt Written by Josh Bycer Directed by Ailert Riemersma Special Thanks: John Decker Subscribe to GVMERS Follow @GVMERS on Twitter: Like GVMERS on Facebook: +1 GVMERS on Google+: Follow GVMERS on Twitch:

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