2019 LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus Speed Build & Review!

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Join me as I unbox, speed build and review 75957 the 2019 Knight Bus, one of the new 2019 LEGO Harry Potter sets based on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The 2019 LEGO Knight Bus is a purple triple decker bus based on a 1954 AEC Regent III RT and comes with Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike and Ernie Prang minifigures. New to my channel? Why not subscribe at https://goo.gl/bk9GsJ 75957 The Knight Bus from LEGO Harry Potter is the fourth Knight Bus from LEGO. In this LEGO Harry Potter unboxing, speed build and review video, I compare the 2019 Knight Bus to the 4755 set from 2004, the 4965 Mini Harry Potter Knight Bus from 2004 and the 4866 Knight Bus from 2011. Accessories with the 75957 LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus include Harry's chest complete with chocolate bar, potion bottle and letter and a printed 2x2 copy of The Daily Prophet. On the lower deck is a moveable bed for stranded witches and wizards to get a good night's sleep and driver Ernie Prang's shrunken head who helps Ernie navigate the Knight Bus with almost no mishaps. The Night Bus comes with opening side panel to gain access to the first two decks and a removable third deck with removable roof. Also included is the Knight Bus chandelier which swings from side to side. The highlight of this 2019 LEGO Harry Potter Knight bus is the minifigures. Ernie Prang the Knight Bus driver is my favorite with his owl-like looks and thick-rimmed glasses. Stan Shunpike is also a great minifig but I'm not so keen on the facial print which looks too aggressive. We do get a Harry Potter minifigure but it's the same one we got with the Expecto Patronum and Hagrids Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue 2019 Harry Potter sets. I hope you enjoy this LEGO Harry Potter 75957 Knight Bus\ unboxing, speed build and review. If you do, please consider dropping me a like and subscribe for new LEGO reviews two times every week. Click the subscribe button on my channel (and bring the bell) or jump to https://goo.gl/bk9GsJ. Music Credits: Pooka by Kevin MacLeod Happy Haunts by Aaron Kenny

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