Best FREE Weapons in Warface (2018)

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Here's a list of the best free weapons in Warface. Playing Warface for free is hard. This guide will help you using the best weapons for all classes. You may not want to watch the whole thing. Use it as a reference. Skip to the classes that are interesting for you : TIMESTAMP : Intro - 0:00 Riffle - 0:45 SMG - 6:43 Shotgun - 9:55 Sniper - 12:53 I only selected weapons from the shop. They are more accessible than vendor weapons (which takes a while to unlock without VIP), they are more safe than the random boxes for W$ and, finally, this is a currency easier to grind than the crowns. ♥ Take a look at my other videos ♥ ► HOW TO REACH RANK 1 : ► QUICKSCOPE ANALYSIS : ► WHAT IS THE SPREAD : Credits : Franz Maas - Black Hole Rachel - Love U (NCS) ACE - Mushu Subs : 743

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