Deluanay Triangulation & Voronoi Diagram

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A video generated by a sketch, which demonstrates: animated Delaunay triangulation and the corresponding dual graph, a Voronoi diagram. The colors and idea were inspired by the wikipedia entry for 'Delaunay triangulation'. The triangles for a set of points will be described by a circle that touches only 3 vertices and the circle will contain no other points within it. The centers of these 'circumcircles' are the corners of Voronoi cells. The previously described vertices represent voronoi 'sites' which exist inside these cells. All the cell borders are perpendicular to the neighboring sites. The processing sketch could not have been written as easily without's graph package which in turn uses the library. All the animations are driven by Benedikt Groß' excellent Ani package for processing. FFMpeg was used to encode the video directly from the pixels[] array because processing's movie maker library doesn't work well. Processing 1.5.1 was used because processing 2 seemed to break existing sketches.

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