Rendezvous with Simi Garewal Rekha Part 1

4.1 M


REKHA Rekha is a friend. She had watched each and every Rendezvous and told me how much she loved them. For several years I invited her to have a rendezvous with me, she would always reply, "I don't have the self-confidence." The time came for my 100th Rendezvous episode. I wanted a' special guest' for this landmark show, so I asked her once again. This time she agreed - and it really was 'special'... I've known Rekha for a long time. I find her absorbing - and very entertaining too. She is a great mimic! We have endless phone talks - always about four hours! And each time she surprises me with new facets in her to love. Rekha is immensely wise and astute. Acutely observant. Has an elephantine memory. She is also the least self-obsessed star I know; some one who never harbours a mean thought or word. Rekha loves generously. In my rendezvous -- I took her back in her journey from Bhanurekha, the child; through her stormy adolescence.. her stardom.. her loves...marriages.. covering, in fact, Rekha's entire evolution. It's a panoramic canvas of one of the most legendary stars of our time -- and also - an intimate portrait of a woman. Don't miss it....Watch both parts!

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Published at: 8 years ago
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