I Found Out There's A Generational Curse On Me And I'm Scared For My Life Now

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🍀 If you would like to get your story animated, send it to this email address - mystory_yt@yahoo.com 🍀 Subscribe My Story http://bit.ly/2Lw5DXB Vasilisa's story is about the generational curse that is upon all women of her family. Little Vasilisa always knew that her family kept a secret that affected their women somehow, but they never told her what exactly it was about. Also, they had photos of a gorgeous young woman on the walls. She resembled Vasilisa a lot. She had the same shoulder-length blond curls and the same large eyes with long eyelashes, but the main resemblance was in the shape of her face and her slightly turned-up nose. She always appeared to be looking at Vasilisa with such love and tenderness that she even felt uneasy. When she walked away from the portrait, the woman's eyes seemed to follow her and stare her right in the face. She looked like Vasilisa's grandmother. The other person closest to Vasilisa was her father. He'd hold her in his arms for hours. Sometimes, he'd press her head to his chest and weep silently. It was obvious that he went through great grief and bereavement. She kept looking for the truth but everyone was determined to hide it from her. When Vasilisa was 12 years old, she seized the moment and asked her aunt about their family secret. She avoided the question at first but then she looked at Vasilisa with a peculiar expression and said: "Actually, you should know this as you're 12 already and it's going to affect you!" Vasilisa's grandmother fell in love with a handsome curly-haired gypsy man who lived in a camp outside her village. Many girls in the camp fell head over heels for him, but he chose the most beautiful and graceful girl in the village: Vasilisa's grandmother. He showered her with wildflowers, sang gypsy songs to his guitar for her, and carried her in his arms. The tribe's baron had words with him to try and make him see reason. But his passionate heart had already charted its course and made a choice. He left his tribe, breaking the bonds of kinship and gypsy brotherhood forever. They were wed soon and the young man stayed in the village. The tribe took off and never returned. When grandma was 24, she told her husband they would have a firstborn. Their joy knew no bounds. Grandma happened to go into labor on her own birthday. She suffered for many hours. Then, grandpa was informed that his wife was no more. A few days later, he took home the screaming bundle that was Vasilisa's mother. He knew that this was his mother's doing. She knew the secrets of black magic and she must have cursed them. He devoted all his time to raising his daughter and he never looked at another woman. Deep down, he was terrified that the curse would affect his daughter. As it turned out, his concerns and fears were just. When Vasilisa's mom turned 22, she fell in love with a guy from a nearby village. Grandfather could not bring himself to approve of their union for a long time. But he knew that if his daughter fell in love, her gypsy blood was incapable of stopping halfway, and he bowed to fate. He was, however, horrified to hear the news of his daughter's pregnancy. She was supposed to go into labor after her birthday. But she felt sick before dinner on that day. They called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. Three hours later, the terrible news of her death arrived. Now Vasilisa's father had a newborn girl on his hands as well. History repeated itself. The family was in a panic. Vasilisa's aunt went to a clairvoyant, who said that all women in their family had a terrible generational curse on them. Indeed, the old mother of Vasilisa's grandpa wrought her vengeance upon her grandma for taking her son away from her. The clairvoyant also said that the curse would go away after a third girl dies in childbirth. That would be Vasilisa. This was horrifying. Being only 12, it was too early for Vasilisa to think about marriage and childbirth, but she didn't want my life to be cut short at 25. In her young mind, she decided to never get married and never bear a child. But her grandfather kept thinking how to save her from the curse. And he decided to find his tribe and beg his 85-year-old mother to remove this terrible evil. Grandpa knelt in front of her and wept. The old gypsy woman cast a long look at her disgraced son, and then she said something and gestured towards the door. It was clear that she had agreed to curb her grudge and lift the curse, so that her son could at least spend his declining years in happiness. Hopefully, the generational curse is gone with grandpa's repentance. Vasilisa faces the future boldly and only wishes other people joy and happiness. She learned the hard way how wrong it is to destroy someone's life on a whim. Everyone chooses their own path at the behest of their heart and soul. And Vasilisa wants to walk her own path hand in hand with her children. #MyStory

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