DSP/KOGaming Tries It - Hypocritically Claiming Reaction Videos Are Pointless

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Nearly a week ago, people in the stream chat asks DSP if he would do a reaction video on the Nintendo Switch Presentation. He then says reaction videos are pointless. This is very hypocritical because DSP he does videos on other YouTubers for cheap views. Angry Joe in 2015. He's hypocritical there because nearly 2 years before Angry Joe claimed he would stop making Nintendo videos because Nintendo Japan was Content IDing videos. DSP did the same thing when Nintendo started this Content ID trend back in 2013. DSP was so mad that he put his Wii U in the trash and he still to this day doesn't understand why Nintendo give him low views. DSP just did that to boast about his manged partnership with Machinima and trying to stick it to Angry Joe. In 2016, The Fine Bros. wanted to trademark the word "React" with react world. DSP made 2 videos on The Fine Bros. His 1st video came after he weaseled out of his Rock-A-Thon 2.0 Patreon Event at the end of January last year claiming his throat was hurting when a patron wanted to sing a song that he paid for. DSP refuned the guy & did videos on The Fine Bros. for cheap easy views. Later in 2016, their was alleged rape allegations involving Toby Turner. DSP used a Twitter poll as an excuse to do it, but everyone knows that he wanted to do it because of the past issue he had with him back in 2012. DSP got mad about ads linking to Toby Turner's channel. DSP just used the Toby Turner story to make the situation about himself and says that issue doesn't matter, but that he's the real victim. Days later, DSP said he'll do reaction videos again.

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