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At Dosho Design, we get it. Working out is hard to do. Club fees, driving time, fuel costs, intimidating equipment and having respectable gym clothes are just some of the issues we face. Or maybe you have an oversized piece of equipment at home that offers one exercise option, when its not being used as a clothes hanger. Boring. It is our mission is to create versatile home fitness equipment to get you in shape without consuming your time, space, money or brainpower. (And you can wear anything you want!) Dosho Design cool product features stop short of us doing the workout for you. The company was founded by T. Dosho Shifferaw, the inventor of the revolutionary Bowflex®, and founder of Bowflex, Inc. Shifferaw invented the Bowflex home gym in 1984 for a student project. Studying industrial design, Shifferaw, a young immigrant from Ethiopia, was always working on new ideas. While working on the structure for a complex, ergonomic chair, Shifferaw tried bending a polymer rod into shape over his shoulders. With that, Bowflex was born, an exercise machine that uses rods, rather than weights, as resistance. In 1996, Bowflex, Inc. became a public company on the NASDAQ Stock Market. Soon after, the company name became Nautilus Group and started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, Bowflex is a household name accounting for 85% of the overall sales for the Nautilus Group, totaling over $3 billion to date. "For over 25 years Ive developed fitness equipment with three objectives in mind; helping people get into maximum shape for minimal time and money," says Shifferaw. Over the years, Dosho Design has offered a complete line of fitness products for personal conditioning, strength-training, muscle-toning, stretching and aerobics. The company has introduced several new proprietary products for use at home and in fitness clubs. Dosho Design products are marketed through television commercials, infomercials, online and through retail channels worldwide.

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