Garmin Forerunner 230 / 235 - How to Turn on Activity Tracking ! FEATURE REVIEW !

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BUY IT NOW ON AMAZON: In this video we will go over how to turn on or off the activity tracking feature and the auto move alert on your Garmin forerunner 230 or 235. Activity tracking allows you to track your steps, calorie count and distance similar to the vivofit, vivosmart and vivoactive. By default, after initial set up these features should be already turned on if not this is how you quickly turn on & off these features. 1. First press of the RUN button and select the MENU from UP/DOWN button. 2. select SETTINGS | ACTIVITy TRACKING. From there, you have the option to turn on and off activity tracking and turn on Auto Move Alert. To view your activity, from the main display, use the UP/DOWN button to view the Activity tracker screen. #avoidingchores #garmin

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