How To Mute & Silent Whatsapp Group Messages & Notifications Permanently

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Whatsapp groups are fun and a great way to keep in touch with family and friends as a group. But what grinds our gears is group notifications when there's a lot of people actively chatting. The incessant ping/vibrate can be annoying and can severely drain power from your iPhone. How to Mute Group Notifications/Alerts in Whatsapp #1. Mute from Chats This is the eaiest method to mute notifications from a particular group. In the Chats window, swipe left on the group you want to mute. Tap on More Next, tap on Mute and then pick a time frame Notice that you can mute a group (from sending notifications) for a specific time-frame. If you want to mute group notifications for all the groups you are in, you will have to follow method #3 #2. Mute from Group Info There's another way to mute a group chat from sending notifications to you. This again works like the first method above. Open the group chat thread in Whatsapp Tap on the name of the group on the top Tap on Mute Pick an option for the time period for which the notifications from this group chat should be muted. (1 day, 1 week or 1 year) Again, this is for a specific group only. #3. Mute in Settings This method is best when you want to prevent all group chat notifications. Open Whatsapp Tap on Settings (bottom menu) Tap on Notifications Under the label Group Notifications, turn off the switch for Alerts This will prevent Whatsapp from notifying you of any group message. Note that this is a blanket option so you will be muting all group notifications indefinitely with this switch. Our FACEBOOK Page Link :-

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