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Whatsapp/Mobile: +86-15853198670 | Skype: peterlasercnc Web.: | Email: Jinan Consure Electronic Technology Co., Ltd CNC router, Laser marking machine, Laser engraving machine and plasma cutter for sale Machine parts for sale, we provide all kinds of machine part: Spindle, Inverter, cutters/knives, motherboard, softwares, motor, driver, belts, rotary attachment; Laser tube, laser power source, reflect mirrors, focus lens, water chiller, electrode, torch nozzles etc. Related Working Videos: Fiber laser marking machine training video: How to use Ez cad software: CO2 laser engraving machine user video: Metal nameplate marking: Photo fiber laser marking: Knife fiber laser engraving: Photo fiber laser marking on ss: Stainless steel white engraving: Stainless steel black engraving: Color fiber laser marking on ss: Desktop fiber laser marking machine: Machine Feature: 1.Markings are permanent with high abrasion resistance. 2.Low use-cost, high speed, high production efficiency. 3.No maintenance laser source: service time 100,000 hours. 4.Small size,low power consumption, Perfect output beam quality. Applicable Materials: Iphone case, nameplate, non-opaque-plastic keypads, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary wares, tool accessories, cutters, watches, glasses, jewelry, auto parts, boxes, bags, clasps, cookers, stainless steel products, etc. #cncrouter #machineparts #operationvideo #trainingvideo #fiberlaser #fiberlasermarkingmachine #lasermarkingmachineforsale #lasermarkingmachineprice #20Wlasermarkingmachine #30Wlaser #laserengravingmachine #markingmachine

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