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In this video, we’ll explain the four steps involved in PSD to HTML Conversion. Learn more about this process here: If you are tired of failed websites, this conversion process will be your best bet. At CSSChopper, while bringing you the best conversion services, we uphold the pentagon of values: confidentiality, agility, security, expertise and adherence to best practices. The Steps of PSD To HTML Conversion includes the following: 1) PSD Slicing - You need to slice your PSD Design into smaller bits and save them as individual images. 2) Markup The HTML Sections - The markup code is an important element that tells the web how to show your text and images. 3) Integrate the Content- Once the slicing and coding is done, integrate the relevant content. 4) Go for Quality Check- Once the conversion is done, undertake a thorough checking. You can ask someone else to check since you may have missed errors during the conversion process. We’ve also included some hacks and suggestions from our developers in this video. Let us know if you spot them! Find us on: LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - #CSSChopper #YourTechnologyPartner #PSDtoHTML

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