Amazing LEGO Creations & 16 Other Cool Things

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LEGO HAS SOMETHING THAT MAKES OUR INNER CHILD HAPPY AND KEEP US YOUNG. IS IT NOSTALGIA? IT COULD BE. AND IT HAS INSPIRED A LOT OF ARTISTS TO GET CREATIVE. THIS COMPILATION WILL SHOW YOU SOME OF THE BEST CREATIONS ON INTERNET AND WILL MAKE YOUR INNER CHILD HAPPY. DON'T FORGET TO PLAY! Check Out These Amazing Artists: BRICK SCIENCE Instagram: Youtube: HENRIK Instagram: Web: JASEN ZHANG Instagram: Tiktok: CONNECTION INTERCEPTED Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: JAKE GRICAR Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Mail: BRAEDEN O'BRIEN Instagram: Tiktok: Etsy: BRICK_BUILDER_OFFICIAL Instagram: Tiktok: VICTOR HAEGELIN Instagram: Vimeo: JIGAR PATEL Instagram: Tiktok: ARTIST BOI Tiktok: JASON V JOINER Facebook: CHAIRUDO Flickr: THE_EGG Flickr: NATE GRAY Instagram: Tiktok: SWEET ADELINE Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: BLUEFINGERS5 Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: KHOROSHENKO Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: MR. RICE GUY Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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