Sonic Generations Mod Part 173_ ULTRA INSTINCT SONIC/ Limit Breaker: God Sonic Mod (RELEASE)

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Welcome back to the Generations Mod Series! Sonic knows he cannot defeat his enemies even with Kaioken X 20. Therefore the only solution is to break his limit. Seeing Goku uses the spirit bomb to unlock his potential, Sonic uses the emeralds instead. Can he unlock his own potential too? Let's find out! :D *What's new in this mod?* - SSGSS Rival Bosses come back - Have overpowered speed again, ultra instinct sonic has even a little more speed than usual. (Maybe not see the difference :P) - Ultra Instinct Sonic has eyes and aura that is similar to Goku's - In the results, the model action is changed, made by Jahsierious Chandler - Hyper and Ultra Classic Sonic is BACK!!! (In Time Eater Boss Stage, it will be Hyper Classic Sonic, cuz the aura is perfect for Hyper Sonic and weird for Ultra Sonic :) ) *DOWNLOAD* This mod is made by Sonic Ultimate Fan and the result model is made by Jashsierious Chandler [Special Announcement] 1) If you haven't download our Sonic Generations mods, remember to download them! ;) - Future Sonic Mod (Include Super / Dark Version) - Super Sonic EXE / Super Sonic Rose EXE Mod - SSGSS Sonic / SSGSS Sonic with Kaioken X 100 Mod - Hyper & Ultra Sonic Mod (NEW!!!) - Reverse Sonic Mod (NEW!!!) - SSGSS Sonic with Kaioken X 20 + LIMIT BREAKER_ GOD SONIC (NEW!!!) 3) Thanks to you all! We finally reached 6000 subscribers before October!!! However, as you know, our 5000 subscribers event has not even finished. So we decided to continue the event until it's finished. We think we'll not be able to do 7000 subscribers event in the future but 8000, 9000 and especially 10000 subscribers will definitely have cuz we already think about the ideas. Please do not be disappointed but we will still make videos at least once a week. So please continue support us :D 4) You can add us to Steam and Sonic Amino now! Steam: Sonicultimatefan123 Sonic Amino: Sonic Ultimate Fan E-mail: (If you have something want to tell us, please do! :D ) Patreon: (Donate :D) 5) We bought a Sonic Mania Collector Edition! If you want us to do a video of unboxing it, tell us in the comments! If we get 20 or more comments 'Unbox it!!!' , then we will do it :) (P.S. You can also see our other Sonic The Hedgehog collection!!!) (15 requests left!) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Announcement] 1) The coming episodes of Sonic Generations Mod: Sonic Generations Mod Part 174_ Sally Acorn Mod (SA2 Mod, Scourge Mod, Spider-hog mod will be made later one by one. Please wait patiently :) ) 2) Can we reach 85 likes in this video? Make sure you give us a like :D 3) Can we reach 7000 subscribers before November? :) 4) About 'A minecraft story: Sonic and Shadow_ Danger of two Worlds', the connection between the server has not finished fixing yet. Also we do not always have much time to continue the story because we have lots of work to do. Therefore, it cannot be uploaded soon. If our work keep busy, this series may get cancelled. We are truly sorry about that. If we can upload the episode, we will tell you guys. Again, sorry about it :( 5) Please subscribe to these channels:D Jahsierious Chandler Modern Sonic Pro The Tunisian Sonic Fan Modern Knuckles Pro iz_drawing 98 Silver Team Sonic The Smart Hedgehog 6) Support us in Patreon so we can make more and better videos :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like this video, remember to share it to others, give us a like and subscribe us! :D

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Published at: 4 years ago
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