Jaana Na Dil Se Door || Suman has been threatened Guddi that she would kill her



The makers of Jana Na Dil Se Door has been keeping the audiences stick with its seat as the show is now giving massive and shocking twists and turns. The current track of the story is the spoiling one where the story with the ghost or black magic will not continue anymore as seems like Vividha gets to know that Suman is doing all these black magic. There will be no ghost or black magic will be in the story. Suman is now as we know desperate to separate Vividha and Atharv. So this will be just another attempt of Suman to separate Vividha and Atharva. Maya (Kajri) would have made the false claim to Suman and also Kajri asked Suman that her problems will be solved if she will be pushed Madhav from the stairs. Since she couldn’t push Madhav, actually, Chintu pushes him. Vividha not only exposes Chintu, but she will be exposed, Suman. Ravish forces Chintu to reveal the fact. Suman’s truth will be coming out and Ravish will be extremely to see that his mother is negative on this level that she even wishes to separate Vividha and Suman. As we already know that Suman already has been threatened Guddi that she would kill her if she doesn’t help her in separating Vividha and Atharv. The fact is, not just Guddi, Suman would have manipulated other family members as well; they will force them to leave the house even! Ravish will lash out at Suman after knowing her real intention. Suman will try to explain Ravish the fact but all will be go into the void as he will not listen to anything. Now the Vividha knows the truth, it will be now yet to see whether she will be left Ravish and will be going back to Atharv? But somehow Atharva will go missing! Actually, Bua Dad has been taken Atharva with her somewhere. In the previous episode, we saw how Vividha (Shivani Surve) will be in trouble as Madhav goes missing. When Ramkali aka Vividha reveals Guddi that she is searching her son, Guddi alleged Vividha by saying she is here to steal something. So now rift take place between two sisters about the issue solve by Vividha. Vividha asks Madhav as to why he is hiding in the cupboard, and he said he hides because Kajri asked him to do so. In the flashback story, it is revealed that Suman (Smita Bansal), Ramakanth, Sujatha and Kajri will be shown. Sujatha will be shown pregnant and Ramakanth brings her in the Suman’s house. Suman gets to know that Ramakanth loves Sujatha and Suman will be disheartened to know so. Meanwhile, Sujatha leaves Ramakanth as she will be shocked to know that Ramakant is already married and this will bring tension to both Suman and Sujata.

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