#2 How to Export Fortnite Animations Emotes - umodel blender 3d max maya c4d

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In this video i show how to export animations and emotes from fortnite game. For this u need umodel software Site Link: http://met.bz/UmodelProject WIN32: http://met.bz/UmodelWIN32 LINUX: http://met.bz/UmodelLINUX For the updated Fortnite Encryption Key (AES) you can find it here: Link: http://met.bz/FortniteEncryptionKey 3D fortnite model videos: https://youtu.be/Q0CK6pT6oxo - #1 How to Export Fortnite 3d models https://youtu.be/S0_0-7TcR4s - #2 How to Export Fortnite Animations Emotes - umodel https://youtu.be/Dh5FNgHB6t4 - #3 Import Fortnite 3d models and animations on 3d max https://youtu.be/MJJE2BXvVQs - John Wick (Fortnite Battle Royale) 3D Printed Enjoy #fortnite #fortnitevbucks #fortniteedits

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