Is the sheep feed ruined? (Evaluating corn silage & cleaning the Grober lamb feeder) Vlog 285

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COME FARM WITH ME! Well, not just me... my entire family! I'm back for another month of daily vlogging. There will be sheep, planting (both the crops, and the GARDEN), my kids, and whatever else gets thrown in the mix. The thing about farming, is there is no pre-planning. I mean, there is... but you have to be ready to change those plans. So if you are ready for a little farming adventure... I'll be here! Today is all about feed. Looking at my corn silage, I have to decide if I should open my last bag. This time of year I'm always scared I will run out of feed... We are a month away from first cut hay. I also took the time to show you how I clean out my Grober Eco2 Lamb Feeder. And the kids helped me fill some dry corn bins. #FarmWithMe #WithMe #StayHome THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!!! TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SHEEP FARMING➡️ TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FEEDING SHEEP➡️ TO LEARN MORE ABOUT LAMBING➡️ WE STARTED A PODCAST!!! UNpopular Farmer➡️ I FINALLY HAVE MERCH! ➡️ Subscribe to my channel: ➡️ MY HUSBAND NOW HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! You can follow our grain farming operation over there! Subscribe to his channel: ➡️ Follow me on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Contact Me: *NEW*⬇️⬇️ Mail: PO BOX 402 Hensall, ON Canada N0M 1X0

Published by: Sandi Brock
Published at: ۵ months ago
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