Samsung Galaxy J5 J500F - How to bypass Google account (SideSync method)

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In this tutorial I will show you how to remove, disable or bypass Google account on Samsung Galaxy J5 J500F with Android 5.1.1 inside, using SideSync application.Use this method, if you get the message:"This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device." . . . IMPORTANT This method will not work if you have installed on your phone "Android security patch level 2015-12-01".If will not work, first, try to reinstall the software of your phone with Odin, with a firmware before 12.2015 , then make a hard reset, then try again and should work.You will find firmware and "how to do it" on This protection is also called "Factory Reset Protection FRP" and is something different from "Samsung Reactivation Lock" This method is 100% free and works without OTG cable! For this method you need a PC with internet connection, Wi-Fi connection, micro USB data cable and SideSync software. SydeSync software must be installed and open on your PC. LINKS Samsung SideSync download page: Bypass application download link: How to bypass Google account on Samsung Galaxy J5 J500F with OTG cable: How to HARD RESET Samsung Galaxy J5 J500F: PLEASE READ Warning! You do this at your own risk! Make sure your phone battery is fully charged! Better remove the SIM card and memory SD card from your phone before this operation! If you reset your phone, all your data may be lost, so it's good to do a full backup before! TOOLS USED IN THIS VIDEO: For filming I use an old Sony HDR CX220 camera. You can buy the new version from Amazon: (affiliate) For camera support I use Hama Traveller Flex Pro Camera Support. You can buy it from Amazon: (affiliate) For editing the videos I use CyberLink PowerDirector 13. You can buy the new version from Amazon: (affiliate)

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