Google is Designing An Advanced Hand Gesture Recognition Sensor

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The Soli Sensor, being developed as part of a project of Google Advanced Technology and Projects group, is a low-power radar designed to use less energy and detect hand gestures on a sub-millimeter level. It operates in the 60-GHz ISM band using electromagnetic waves. The sensor detects a series of motions that are part of Soli’s Virtual Tools Gestures: virtual slider, virtual button and even virtual button. The pluses for the chip are that it requires less energy, has no moving parts, can function regardless of the light conditions, and when developed further in the future, could be used in a number of products: wearables, IoT devices, phones and cars. Ivan Poupyrev, Poject Soli founder, said about the goal of the project, “The hand is the ultimate input device. How could we take this incredible capability, the finesse of human actions and the finesse of using our hand but apply it to the virtual world?” Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin:

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