BlackBerry returns: This is how it died twice

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A startup thinks resurrecting the BlackBerry brand is a good idea. That goes to show you -- you just can't squash a BlackBerry. 0:41 Remember Blackberry? 1:08 iPhone Shows Up 2:43 QWERTY is the Future 3:25 The Storm 4:33 IN-NO-VATION? 5:57 Detour 6:52 TCL Goes Shopping 7:26 Goodbye Blackberry 7:30 Third Time's a Charm 8:13 2021, The Future 8:28 My Take Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

Published by: CNET
Published at: 2 months ago